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Andy Patterson

&MG, Author

Basement School

When my boys were little we’d gone through every book in the house a million times, so I started making up my own stories.  There was one story in particular that really caught their attention, I called Basement School.  It soon took on a life of its own.  My youngest sat up in bed one night and said “Dad, you should make this into a book”.  We tend to see the world through our children’s eyes. So I did.

The stories started writing themselves.

My oldest then said, you should write some music for it.  So I did.  Check out our promotional music video for our first book, Basement School.

I have been a public school band director for 30 years.  Musician/composer and arranger. I have published works for school orchestra and band.  I’ve written music for radio commercials and arranged music for a musical.

Although I spin a good yarn I never saw myself as a children’s book author, but here we are. Life’s funny.

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