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Ashleigh Heyns

Author, Illustrator

Detective Natty and Doggy Dale Follow the Clues

Ashleigh Heyns has had something to do with children all her life; firstly, she was a child, for not nearly long enough though; also, she has three children of her very own; and she studied to become a teacher and has spent her entire adult life working with, reading to, learning things from and having fun with children; which is exactly what gives her the right stuff to help make stories come alive. Ashleigh jumped at the chance to illustrate Detective Natty and Doggy Dale for quite a few reasons, firstly, she and Deborah Hunt are friends and met when Deborah asked her to illustrate another book about friendship that won second place in the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards program, and secondly, she once helped find some stolen computers which led the police to where a thief was hiding. Ashleigh is also the head mistress of a school and always feels her heart will explode with pride when she sees her students helping each other in just the same way Detective Natty and her friends do.

Ashleigh is the Author and Illustrator of Squeaky Clean and Tess’ Time Machine and is the illustrator of Deborah Hunt’s award winning picture book, No Dinosaurs Allowed. She has been working on a few interesting books since so keep an eye out.

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