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Nikki Slaughter

Illustrator, Spork

Sasquatch Loves Bacon Day

Nikki Slaughter is an illustrator, designer, and animator working out of Chicago, IL. Nikki graduated from Boston University with a BFA in Graphic Design and later studied 2D & 3D animation at Vancouver Film School. She is currently illustrating her first children's picture book, Sasquatch Loves Bacon Day written by Carole Marie Shelton, which is set to be published in Spring 2023. This adorable story about friendship, love, and gratitude stars a bacon-obsessed Sasquatch and his best friend Lulu Mae. Every National Bacon Day these two besties gather at her family cabin to prepare the bacon feast of all feasts! (And yes, there really is a National Bacon Day on December 30th!) Nikki has loved drawing and bringing to life magical worlds ever since she was a kiddo, having been heavily inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure books her big sis would read to her at night when she was scared. Her greatest wish is to bring smiles, laughter, and joy to those who see her work. Nikki is passionate about bringing more diversity to the world of children's books... she'd love for all children to be able to see themselves and each other in the stories that ignite their budding imaginations.

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