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Patti Richards

Author, Blue Whale Press


Writer, teacher, mother, wife, storyteller, Patti Richards has spent more than 30 years writing stories and telling tales. Her first fiction picture book, MRS. NOAH (Little Lamb Books, October 2021) was a Selah Award Finalist, A Northern Dawn Book Award Winner for Best First Picture Book, a Purple Dragonfly Honorable Mention Winner, and a Royal Dragonfly Honorable Mention Winner. Her poem “Alice Thanks the Looking Glass(es)” is part of the award-winning anthology, THANKU: POEMS OF GRATITUDE (Millbrook Press), edited by Miranda Paul. Her children’s work also includes four nonfiction books, and several magazine articles, including a fiction piece in Highlights Magazine and a poem in Ladybug Magazine. She was a Katherine Paterson Prize winner at Hunger Mountain Honorable Mention winner in 2018 and a finalist in 2014, and she's been a Writer’s Digest Honorable Mention winner three times for her picture book manuscripts. Patti lives in Farmington Hills, Michigan with her husband, Gene, and a big Newfie named Barnabas and Willow the cat. They have three adult children, two bonus adult children and one amazing grandbaby.

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