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Yvona Fast

Author, Rise

Good in the Midst of Evil

My writing comes from varied experiences as an immigrant, as a person with a hidden disability trying to fit into a neurotypical world, as the child of Holocaust survivors, as someone with a deep spiritual life who loves the natural world of lakes and mountains, trees and forests, sun, rain and snow.

I love language. I’m neurodiverse and hyperlexic. As a child, I was fascinated by letters, words, poems, stories. I taught myself to read early, then brought stacks of books home from the public library. A first-generation immigrant American, I lived on three continents and spoke three languages by the time I was ten.

I’m an active member of SCBWI, the Adirondack Center for Writing and Adirondack Writer’s Guild, as well as several critique groups. I’ve taken courses from the Children’s Book Academy, Lyrical Language Lab with Renee LaTulippe, Picture Book Magic (Susanna Hill) and Writing in Rhyme (Angie Karcher).

My work for adults includes Good in the Midst of Evil (2022, Rise) – appropriate for Middle grade to adult, Loon Summer: Poems and Photos (2022, Atmosphere), a cookbook (2011, Bloated Toe), and a guide for people on the autism spectrum (2004, JKP). My four poetry chapbooks include: Different (2017, Foothills Publishing), Adirondack Blue Seasons (2018, CWP Collective Press), Adirondack Seasons: Haiku (2020, Local Gems) and Autumn Dance (2022, Local Gems). I’m a weekly food columnist (2005 – present) for the Adirondack Daily Enterprise. My poems have appeared in many disparate literary journals and anthologies.

I want to contribute to the world, to make a positive difference in people’s lives. My writing gift is the best way I know I do that. I hone my craft by writing, revising and submitting poems and stories.

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